Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Trauma and Fracture Surgery is a field of orthopedic surgery focused on the treatment of injuries to bones, joints, and soft tissues caused by trauma. Dr. Biles and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients who have suffered from fractures, dislocations, and other traumatic injuries. With a commitment to restoring function and promoting healing, we utilize the latest techniques and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What Is Trauma and Fracture Surgery?

Trauma and Fracture Surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures designed to repair and reconstruct damaged bones and soft tissues. These include:

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) using screws, plates, rods, or nails.

Closed Reduction for minor fractures, where the bone is realigned without an incision.

Repair of torn ligaments and tendons.

Joint dislocation reduction and stabilization.

Treatment of complex injuries involving multiple body parts.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for certain types of fractures, resulting in smaller incisions and faster recovery.

Our team works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and ensures optimal recovery.

Trauma and Fracture Surgery
Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Why Use Us for Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Individuals may require Trauma and Fracture Surgery for various reasons, such as:

Accidents or Falls Resulting in Broken Bones or Joint Injuries

Sports-Related Injuries Causing Fractures or Ligament Tears

Work-Related Injuries Leading to Bone or Joint Damage

Complex Trauma Involving Multiple Injuries

By choosing Yellowstone Sports Medicine, patients can benefit from expert surgical care, advanced pain management techniques, and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Our goal is to help patients regain strength, mobility, and function, enabling them to return to their daily activities and enjoy a better quality of life.

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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic injury or fracture, don’t hesitate to seek professional care. Request an appointment today with Dr. Biles and his team. Call us at 307-578-1953 or contact us to get the specialized treatment and support you need to recover and get back on your feet.

No referral from another doctor is needed for an appointment at Yellowstone Sports Medicine.